50 One words Substitution ARO RO Exam 2021

50 One words Substitution ARO RO Exam 2021-: Hello Dear Aspirants I hope you like this all content that’s why we are going to share more 21 One Words Substitution in this article we are going to share part 2 This is all Important One Words


  1. One who does a thing for pleasure and not as a profession – Amateur
  2. One who is out to destroy all government law and orders. – Anarchist
  3. A medicine which makes the effect of poison zero – antidote
  4. A place where birds are kept – Aviary
  5. A Collection of flowers – Bouquet
  6. A person who is unable to pay his debts – bankrupt /insolvent
  7. The Practice to having two wives or two husbands at a time – Bigamy
  8. A lover and collector of books – Bibliophile
  9. An object which breaks easily – Brittle
  10. Government by the officials Bureaucracy
  11. A nation in a war like mood – Belligerent
  12. The act of speaking disrespectfully about sacred things – Blasphemy
  13. A person incharge of museum – Curator
  14. A nursery where children are cared for while their parents are at work – Creche
  15. A person who is appointed to drive a car – Chauffeur
  16. A place for luggage at railway station – cloak room
  17. Centre of attraction – Cynosure
  18. A critical judge of any art and craft – Connoisseur
  19. A religious was – Crusade
  20. One who draws maps – Cartographer
  21. Onw who doubts every good things – cynic
  22. One who eats human beings flesh – Cannibal
  23. Someo0ne or something existing at the same period as another. – Contemporary
  24. Onw who believes very easily – Credulous
  25. Eating Flesh or meat Carnivorous
  26. A person who writes beautiful hand writing – Calligraphist
  27. A parson who is bad in spelling Chalcographist
  28. Opposed to great or sudden change – Conservative
  29. Blood relationship – Consanguinity
  30. The sleeping rooms in a college or public institution – Dormitory
  31. Man who is womanish in his habits – Effeminate
  32. Someone leaving one’s country to settle in another – Emigrant
  33. A disease Spreading over a large area – Epidemic
  34. Speech without prior preparation – Extempore
  35. Producing the desired result _ Efficacious
  36. A short Journey for run – Excursion
  37. An Official sent on a Diplomatic mission -Emissary
  38. Fit to be eaten – Edible
  39. One who is filled with excessive and mistaken Enthusiasms – Fanatic
  40. One who deals in flowers – Florist
  41. One who is very Selective – Fastidious
  42. One who runs away form justice or the law – Fugitive

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