One Word Substitution For AHC RO ARO Exam

Top 20 One Word Substitution For AHC RO ARO Exam 2021

Hello dear everyone today in this we are going to share One Word Substitution For AHC RO ARO Exam which with you One word Substitution in this post we share 20 most important One word substitution because every competitive exams ask , One word , like SSC , Bank , Railway, ARO ,RO ETC

without any further lets get stated

  1. One who studies the evolution of making – Anthropologist
  2. Government by one person –Autocracy
  3. A number of people listening to a lecture – Audience
  4. A collection poems – Anthology
  5. A lover of others – Altruist
  6. A person who does not believe in God – Atheist
  7. To Cut-off a part of a person’s body which is infected – Amputate
  8. A place for ammunition and weapons – Arsenal
  9. A place for ammunition and weapons – Arsenal
  10. A place where government records are kept – Archives
  11. A statement which is accepted as true without proof – axiom
  12. A list of headings of the business to be transacted at a – Agenda
  13. Government by the nobles – Aristocracy
  14. Animals which live in water – Aquatic
  15. Animals which live both on land and in water – amphibian
  16. A general pardon for political convicts – Amnesty
  17. Someone not sure about God’s existence – Agnostic
  18. One who can use either hands with ease – Ambidexter
  19. Allowance paid to wife on legal separation – Alimony
  20. Voluntary giving up of throne in favor of someone – Abdication
  21. The life- history of someone written by himself – Autobiography

I hope you like this all One word Substitution This One word very help full for any competitive examination we continue this series

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